Casualty Services

Facilities & Services


At PRS Department of Casualty/ Emergency Services all emergency and trauma cases are attended to. Patients who come here are given treatment / first aid and referred to specialist consultants, if required. Though patient care is the primary concern of this department, equal importance is given by the Casualty Medical Officers, to the Medico Legal Aspects of the cases that are attended to here.

Accidents and injuries RTA (MLC + Injuries with medico legal history) like fall from height,  Injuries at working places, home and school ,assault ,poisoning ,hanging, electric shock , drowning, snake bites, dog bites etc are seen here.

The department handles medical and surgical emergencies like

  • Paediatric emergencies including febrile convulsions
  • Active seizure episodes
  • CVA
  • Chest pain / CAD / LVF
  • Haemoptysis and haemetemesis
  • Epistaxis
  • Vertigo / LOC / hyponatremia
  • Hypoglycaemia / hyperglycaemia (high) / Ketoacidosis
  • Dyspnoea / COPD
  • Malignant Hypertension
  • Abdominal colic (Renal colic, appendicitis . Pancreatitis)
  • Fan with deformities (fractures)
  • Foreign body Nose & Ear
  • Regular dialysis cases with distress
  • ADD with low BP
  • Hyperpyrexia with severe dehydration
  • Cases referred from other hospitals / Primary centres
  • Acute urinary retention / severe constipation.

Every effort is made to be friendly and courteous to patients and make him feel that he receives
sympathetic as well as efficient care in casualty.